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Knowledge base

OneAreWe is a NEW Marketplace experience. We invite you to learn more about our unique community-driven value proposition and contribute to how we take shape. This "Knowledge Base" will help provide some background regarding our services. Can't find what you are looking for? Please, reach out to us directly with any questions and/or to tell us about the businesses and nonprofits that make a difference in your life.

How it works

FAQs with some Q&A

The OneAreWe Marketplace is designed to be an intuitive and easy-to-use collaborative platform to bring local businesses, nonprofits and neighbors together. We provide unique tools and experiences based on your user login that enable Business Offers, Neighbor Listings and other marketplace resources that drive mutual benefits.
Here are some Frequently asked questions to help you understand the unique value proposition here within the OneAreWe Marketplace:

Q:  How does OneAreWe provide such great value AND drive donations to community-based nonprofit organizations?

OneAreWe facilitates partnerships between community-minded local businesses and the nonprofit organizations that you value.  We provide online and offline resources and tools to help businesses and nonprofits support each other to drive sales and fundraising support.  Our neighbors benefit from discounts on high-value offers.
Q:  Can any business offer, discount or promotion be turned into a OneAreWe Community-Driven Offer to support our communities?

Yes, almost any business promotion will be more successful through establishing strong community partnerships within the OneAreWe Marketplace.  When businesses engage with community-based organizations and demonstrate goodwill increased sales naturally follow.
Q:  How much of the sale proceeds go to OneAreWe?

Zero.  Our goal is to drive neighbor goodwill, fundraising to nonprofits and sales to local community-minded businesses.  We are completely invested in facilitating an environment where buying and selling goods and services does the maximum good for our communities.
Q:  How does OneAreWe select the Nonprofits and Local Businesses that get support?

We rely on word-of-mouth referrals from individuals in our communities to identify the organizations that make a difference in their lives. Please, contact us and refer organizations to help our communities thrive!
Q:  What is the goal of OneAreWe?

We live in a time with increasing social, economic and environmental challenges.  OneAreWe believes that during these times, we will either compete for scarce resources or collaborate for the common good and thrive.  Our marketplace strives to become an integral part of a sustainable economy.  Some call it “Conscious Capitalism” or “Values-Based Consumerism” but we just think this model makes sense.  We have lofty goals but understand that it is only through engaging with diverse communities and focusing on individual needs that we can be successful.  We value your support towards this mission.

Find out more by visiting our How It Works page or by contacting us here.
More FAQs will follow as we grow and develop and learn from our engagement with YOU!

Marketplace Transformation

Our unique services and online tools tie bottom-line economic benefits (ROI) to measurable social outcomes (SROI) for businesses, nonprofits and our communities. Find out how OneAreWe transforms the way we shop and sell into goodwill throughout our communities.

Community Driven Partnerships

Local Community-Minded Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations partner to bring our Neighbors exclusive savings and donations to nonprofit services. These partnerships are driven through your word-of-mouth referrals. Reach out and tell us about the organizations that make a difference in your life.

Conscious Consumerism

Neighbors shop their tastes and values, get exclusive offers and drive support for our communities. OneAreWe services drive mutual benefits for businesses, nonprofits and our neighbors to create win-win-wins throughout our communities. Track your purchases, sales and donations through your Neighbor Dashboard.