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How it works

OneAreWe transforms OUR buying and selling into services for OUR communities and OUR environment. Some call it “values-based consumerism” but WE think that a marketplace based on shared values just makes sense. Mutual benefits drive customer savings, local business sales and fundraising support for the nonprofit organizations that YOU value. Here’s how it works…

Let’s grow your programs and services. Establishing strong partnerships to support our communities is always critical. When you diversify and expand your fundraising through business and community partnerships OneAreWe. Nonprofit Partners Enjoy our fun and easy community-driven shopping experience. Exclusive offers, savings and sales are always good for your wallet. When good for your wallet is also doing good for our communities OneAreWe. Neighbors We drive bottom-line benefits. Attracting new customers and driving more sales is always good business. When good business is also good for our communities and the nonprofit services you value OneAreWe. Business Partners
  1. Shop

    We make online shopping fun and smart. Browse our community-driven offers or sort and filter to find deals that match your interests and tastes while supporting the nonprofits that align with your values. We provide online and offline resources to enhance the shopping experience for our neighbors.

  2. Save

    We provide big savings to you through local community-minded businesses and nonprofit partners. Each and every purchase within the OneAreWe Marketplace saves you money AND contributes to the nonprofit services you value. It’s easy… pay less and drive more for your community.

  3. Sell

    We propel sales based on the unique needs of our communities. Check out our easy 3-step online offer and neighbor listing creation processes. Simply upload photos, select a nonprofit partner and customize your offer or listing. Dashboards include tools that let you track the dollars that flow into your account.

  4. Support

    We drive funds to our communities and help nonprofits thrive. The goodwill provided through our marketplace is displayed through dashboards and donation receipts are automatically sent to your email inbox. Our goal is to exceed the fundraising objectives set by our Nonprofit and Business Partners while providing you high value and savings.

  5. Share

    We invite you to learn more about our marketplace and to spread the word. Please, contact us to recommend a community-minded business or nonprofit organization that makes a positive difference in your life. Give us a shout-out on social media and tell your friends about how you save money, shop your values and support your community with OneAreWe.

Let's get started...

Marketplace Transformation

Our unique services and online tools tie bottom-line economic benefits (ROI) to measurable social outcomes (SROI) for businesses, nonprofits and our communities. Find out how OneAreWe transforms the way we shop and sell into goodwill throughout our communities.

Community Driven Partnerships

Local Community-Minded Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations partner to bring our Neighbors exclusive savings and donations to nonprofit services. These partnerships are driven through your word-of-mouth referrals. Reach out and tell us about the organizations that make a difference in your life.

Conscious Consumerism

Neighbors shop their tastes and values, get exclusive offers and drive support for our communities. OneAreWe services drive mutual benefits for businesses, nonprofits and our neighbors to create win-win-wins throughout our communities. Track your purchases, sales and donations through your Neighbor Dashboard.